Fresh new look for Sheena's Developed to care for the nature of curly textured hair - Peace & Happy Hair LOVE

Leave-in Cleanser, Conditioner & Protein Treatment for Curls

Sheena’s Hair Care: Plant Based Hair Care Products

A tropical experience made in Canada for curls using nature’s best ingredients, for a healthy hair diet.

Concentrated formula, no filler ingredients and leave-in treatment benefits for styling curly hair.

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The products in our line were developed at home and in salon, with curly professionals and curly users. It's why we guarantee your satisfaction with every purchase from our online store....

What does your day at the office look like? How we show up for work and play says a lot about what we value. We are curly by nature, our life and style goals are influenced by nature and style trends that transition seamlessly between our life and work...

We found these essential tools that make curls easy and more manageable. Type four textured curls are pliable and respond to regular use of these select tools, naturally improving the condition of hair over time....