Textured Hair

Textured hair is the term we use to describe the natural thickness and kinky or curly “curl patter”  of hair un-altered by hot comb, flat iron or chemicals. Curly textured hair is diverse with variations hard to define or classify. A popular Hair-typing system of numerical gradation might best describe the curliest texture of hair as being ‘type 4’.

The texture categories related to this hair typing system include type 1 straight, type 2 wavy, type 3 curly, type 4 kinky,coily: Each having a subcategory a, b and c to identify more specific properties.
We are fascinated by kinky, curly textures! From political to ritual – Hair reveals style and beauty secrets +social and cultural customs as old as time.



  1. Textured hair is most diverse. With curls when maintenance and a regular care routine are practiced, it can accomplish many styles. Most kinky, curly hair types, when detangled and left to air dry, look like the featured image. We just love it!

  2. Yes it is true, the diversity of Kinky, curly hair types is rather yielding and capable of many styles. Know your hair love your style.

  3. Nikki

    I thought the term “Afro” is referring to style and not texture or race.

    1. We see the “Afro” and “Afro-Textured Hair” as two different things. When talking about Afro-texture hair it’s particular to texture i.e. thickness, density and curl pattern… We also reference numerical gradation type 1,2,3,4 with sub-catagories. We respect the “Afro” as it’s both iconic and political historically speaking. Thanks so much for your comment Nikki. Please check in often to contribute & see how our language around texture and hair evolve.

  4. I totally get both points. When you say “Afro” ~i think of type 4’ish hair (maybe in ignorance)but definitely political and iconic come to mind. How ever you rock it – it’s a beautiful thing. I wanted to add that Sheena’s is amazing for all hair types in the 3 and 4 category. Also great for 1 &2 type if the hair is thick and dry. Its my experience as a stylist.

  5. We once referred to kinky, curly textured hair as simply “Afro Texture”. We have since updated our language when talking hair type and texture to better reflect the language used by professionals in the industry. But we love to reference the social and iconic relationship between hair and culture.

    ~As always
    Sheena’s wishes you peace and happy hair love.

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