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When it comes to your best hair success Sheena’s got your back ~ with product and methods that support your every day hair.

Sheena’s hair care will meet your hair needs. Quench a thirsty scalp, replenish and re-hydrate your hair, restore moisture and protein balance in three easy steps; Hydrate, Nourish and Strengthen

Sheena’s documented hair journey accounts for more than five years of industry experience and incorporates that of other naturals who dare. My hope, is that you find strength and support on your journey ~ knowing that its one we share.



  1. Nianthey

    I’m learning my hair in its natural state meaning ‘no heat or chemical treatment’, I could use suggestions on ‘how to’ remove some of the mystery… One important fact learned is that I have been using contradictory products: conditioners for straight styles and the opposite for curly styles… this leads to a messed up head of hair “I know.”
    I’m in no way a fundamentalist about my hair but I do like to look good and desire a healthy and well styled mane that doesn’t require a strict regiment.. Less is more for me; so any product that allows for style health and simplicity is what I desire… Any suggestions?

    Kiddles :))

  2. Learning your hair takes time. In the process you will learn style and care methods that support a low maintenance and time efficient process. Your hair requires some level of regular care – your personal goals should dictate this care and help you establish a routine. It sounds like you want style diversity – styles using your natural texture and others using heat. The product you choose will make the difference. Conditioning products enhance moisture and CURLS… Not so good for straight styles. While straight styles require ingredients the lock out moisture also not ideal for curls. A clarifying shampoo will help you go between these styles with ease. Talk to your stylist about options but these are some quick tips hope it helps.

  3. Kiddles

    Love the conditioner! I heat straighten my hair and find it hard to find a product that doesn’t shrink my fro.. I love my fro, when that how I choose to wear it… but it’s great to have the option to wear it straight and to have a leave in product that holds my wavy styles avoiding shrink… excellent!

    Thank You

    1. Many thanks for your thoughts and feedback!

      Id like to invite you for a wash and hydration experience in salon. Contact us for a complimentary salon service at a participating salon. Sheena’s greatest success is meeting your expectation for quality product and results.


  4. While I have Swedish hair (straight and very short!) my daughters have hair infused with wonderful Caribbean curls. That said I recognize the “challenges” my daughters face with their hair when not living in a humid environment (took a trip to Trinidad where upon the girls felt so free! They didn’t have to think about their hair at all!) Your products sound well researched and enticing. I look forward to learning more about what Sheena’s Hair Care has to offer!

    1. Hi Andrea, thanks for your comment here. Wonderful Caribbean curls flourish in moisture rich atmosphere. Many of us and those who know kinky curly hair recognize the challenge in dry and cold climates North of the equator. Discovering ingredients that restore moisture, resilience and shine, Sheena’s Hair Care will give you that care free feeling you know in the Caribbean. Keep an eye out for Sheena’s at a salon in your neighbourhood!!

      Warm regards

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