Q & A Parents & Children

Good hair practice ~ for parents and children.

Meet Ebony Venus,

Ebony is the mother of two daughters with textured hair. A recent discussion revealed some useful tips about children and hair care.

Q: Hey Venus, I hear you had a big hair weekend – or was it just a day. One might think having two daughter with textured hair might warrant a full hair weekend? How do you keep up with the hair do’s?

A: My secrets!!! Well, my main ingredient in “hair weekend” is little to no tears aka BAWLIN'(!) balanced against getting it done as quickly as possible. The end goal is a hair style that lasts for 6 to 8 weeks- completion time-1hr minimum, 3hrs MAXIMUM…. Is relatively easy to take down(1/2 hour 40 min’s max )…. Hair weekend is usually broken up into cycles…. Step1> wash/condition and into protective style. A week later, step 2> 6-8’er so braid. Step 3> take down 6-8week old style, rock the braid out a few days, then tie it back -good time for kids to experiment with their own abilities, may be as simple as fro puffs of their own making….. Week later, back to step 1…… Anytime I’ve tried to do too much at once we all loose, breaking it up keeps everybody chill.


In summary low maintenance, protective styles are great for managing the hair, tangles and TIME. Low maintenance styling should last the duration of 2-7 days. Regular maintenance with protective styling will save tears and teach your little ones how to manage their own hair and time. Thanks for breaking it down for us Ebony.



  1. Detangle during moisture sessions. Use a good Leave-in product. Wash kinky curly hair in SECTIONS. For better growth and length retention finger detangle kinky curly hair.

    Got it!

    Thank you
    Coily Tress

    1. MrsJJ

      EV I LOVE your hair care system. I think it’s important to teach our natural tress wearing youth the importance of a timeline when it comes to maintaining healthy hair growth. The younger the better! I wore extensions for a very long time, mainly because I was afraid of my hair(yes I feared my tight-up hair that busted up most combs that dared try comb through my kinks). I laugh as I think to myself, “You comb your hair out and all this hair stays in the comb teeth, like you detangled it, haaaahaha NOT!”

      I now wear locs and my lovely kinks couldn’t be happier, now that they aren’t being forced to conform to an unnatural state. They were born interlocked and they flourish as they grow close together, I love them.

      I’ve been using Sheena’s hair cleanser and scalp oil about 3 months now and they’re AWESOME. I don’t like heavy, oily, unnaturally fragrant ingredients in my hair and Sheena’s cleanser smells so lovely and sweet. I spray it generously on my locs every 2 to 3 days. And the oil lightly coats my scalp and stays in place for fast absorption. The nicest thing is that the aromas don’t compete at all, the hair oil is almost odorless. I’m waiting for a shampoo??? 🙂 That would be awesome to add to my maintenance regimen.

  2. I totally agree MRS.JJ

    For those who don’t have a hair care routine – Get one. In EV’s case its all about no tears and saving TIME. For others it might be length retention and some maybe time management. Let your goal determine your practice. Then you learn to refine the process with better products and methods.

    I wish all a happy hair journey and little to no tears too. 😉

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