Product Review

I’m the mother of this 12 year old girl who’s been blessed with big beautiful curly hair. She refuses to wear it out in all of it’s glory. It breaks my heart to know the potential of her hair and see her struggle to accept it.
Recently I tried a new product, all natural and made in Canada. I was skeptical at first due to results iv seen with so called “Natural” and “Organic” products; however the idea of supporting a Canadian brand appealed to me. A free consultation with Sheena, the product founder and creator, was an added bonus. We agreed to wash and set my daughter’s hair in twists using Sheena’s Hair Care product Nourish, a truly Luxurious leave in conditioner.
(above before & after)
During the process I could see lovely moist coils popping! At bedtime, we wrapped it in a scarf and waited anxiously to see the results. The next day revealed a pleasant surprise, no flakes, no residue, no greasy or waxy feeling left behind. Her hair was lush and moisturized with great definition. Days have passed and my daughter is waring her hair out! Its not too poofy she says, even when she’s extra active in sports.
Thanks Sheena, for creating a natural product, for listening to our story and sharing your expertise. We would be happy to recommend your hair care line to anyone who is struggling with the issues we were facing!


  1. Thanks for sharing your experience Candice, to see your daughters hair before and after SHC, is a testament to what great hair care is made of. Find Candice and daughter Desrae’s continued hair journey on the CoilyTress facebook page.

  2. Rob

    My daughter, Simone, is 11, and becoming much more interested in her hair, wishing it was long and straight. She is open to ideas and new possibilities, but doesn’t know what is possible for her hair type.
    What would you recommend we do in this situation Sheena?

  3. Hi Rob, first, your not alone as a parent in this. This blog will introduce product and methods to help, please continue your search online and check back here often for updates and info. Getting to know your daughters hair is the first step. Celebrity stylist Andrea Walker has uses a hair typing system to classify hair. Type: 1 straight, 2 wavy, 3 curly and 4 very curly/kinky. These types include denominations a,b and c. Type 4 describes kinky curly hair. Texture looks at the hair’s shape, size and density. knowing your daughters hair type and texture to start will help you choose better product and consider the best methods to care for her hair.

  4. MrsJJ

    First I would like to say, I love the results from that young ladies hair in review #1. It looks so lustrous and healthy with BOUNCE, which tells me her hair is not weighed down by buildup from thick and goopy products.

    I have recently added your leave-in conditioner to my hair care regime and I LOVE IT! I dilute it a bit with distilled water and spray it on my locs after a good shampooing. It coats my locs without making them feel oily and heavy, and I like to think it restores nutrients stripped away by the shampoo. I still spray them with the cleanser every 2-3 days and use the oil on my scalp as needed. I have ALWAYS had such dry scalp and I really didn’t think there was much of a solution for it, but I realized that the products I was using (before) were contributing to the buildup. I’ve been using your hair oil for several months now and I have virtually no buildup and very little itching, its AWESOME!!! I almost forget how bad it used to be, no more scratching big chunks of dead scalp and no more bleeding… :)) And trust me this is no exaggeration, if you only knew the stress I regularly went through trying to figure out how to love my hair and feel confident walking around with it. People really take that feeling for granted, those who can wake up and go without any “tress stress”. That’s usually not the case for most women I know with coily/kinky hair who want to wear it naturally. I’m living in the USA and I will gladly pay the extra fee to keep Sheena’s hair care products on my shelf.

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