Sheena’s sample kit (Contact us)

Hello World,

Sheena’s Hair Care would like to offer you a 3.4oz sample ~ fully equipped with Hydrate, Nourish and Strengthen. If you or someone you know is recovering from chemical or heat damage, have no medical scalp or hair conditions and looking to transition into natural styles and hair care practices, Sheena’s would like to help. Contact us

3.4oz sample kit 15.99 CAD purchase now.


Purchase 3.4oz Sample kit 15.99 CAD



  1. amasheena

    SHC is amazing for all hair types. Since “Afro” textured hair is most afflicted; dry, brittle, frizzy, puffy, fine, coarse, dull, porous and all that jazz, learning “Afro” textured hair reveals SECRETS to your best hair care. It should be mandatory education for stylist… Im just saying.

    1. Sheena’s Hair Care “the extension of your stylist care” away from the salon and between styling. Hydrate, Nourish and strengthen, all natural with organic ingredients, for a healthy hair diet. Made and manufactured in Canada.

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