Diversify – Types & Textures

Ivy Prosper, a Toronto blogger and media personality meets curly clients in the street to talk hair.

What products do YOU use? What advice would you give?


Their is a diverse community of curls. Find out why Sheena’s Leave-in Conditioner is fast becoming a staple product at home and in salon.

SHCofficeshcsalon1000743_410030245779762_146538207_nCrow Of GloryCDdsqlcW8AAgQeh.jpg-largeIMG_1940TK-2011-06-04-013-003-HarajukuIMG_210467034_529865110378731_851371088_nFullSizeRender 2251079_472410392790870_61427655_n1069918_411779932271460_440959203_n

A salons ability to accommodate different hair textures starts with hair care. Understanding the properties of the scalp and hair, combined with professional product and methods are essential to our brand.


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