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Sheena’s Nourish Leave-in conditioner sells out of Toronto salons and beauty supply stores because hair needs nourishment.

~Canada’s most culturally divers city and world fashion hub. Ripe testing grounds for Sheena’s?!!

~Sheena’s Hydrate coming soon~

Because the proof is in the pudding, if you like Nourish you’re gonna love Hydrate. Sheena’s Hair Care was especially formulated with kinks and coils in mind. As a result our products offer a complete system of care for hair with a tendency toward dryness, breakage or lack of luster. Also hair recovering from chemical and/or heat damage benefit from our formula.

Our brand represent confidence in curls. We strive to meet a high standard of professional quality and performance so you can accomplish simple hair care and style at home. We guarantee your satisfaction with every purchase from our online store.

…don’t forget your humble beginnings.



CurlBar Salon: 41 Jarvis St – Toronto, Ontario.

  • “Sheena’s Nourish plays well with other brands and styling products”
  • “Light weight and effective as a base product.”
  • “A “Staple Product” for hair care”
Krystyne (above) moves away from wigs and weaves to embrace her natural texture. “I use Sheena’s Nourish daily”.

Instant results!

After washing & clarifying we could see instant results with the application of Nourish. We finish with a gel for max hold and style longevity. The leave in benefits of Nourish under your styling product improves hair condition over time. As the condition of your hair improves you will require less product, retain length and moisture levels in the hair.


(above before & after)

“I never knew these results were possible.” 

After many years of chemicals and heat damage I finally have good hair. I know how to accomplish these results. “Nourish is the reason my hair is thriving today”. Consult a professional for style and products that work.

Capri Salon: 4801 Steels Ave West. Unit 17 – North York, Ontario.

OhGinelle: Blogger

Nunu’s Salon: 1855 Commercial Drive – Vancouver BC

IMG_0574 IMG_0581

(above before & after)
We used Hydrate then Nourish. No wash NO shampoo we applied directly to dry “dirty” hair. Instant results! Sheena is well-informed and offered simple remedy for my hair condition: Dry scalp, dry hair, frizz and trouble defining my curl.

Great curls for less. “The last time i got these results i paid serious cash”. Sheena’s Hair Care is my solution to maintenance and everyday fabulous hair.


(above) After cleansing  i apply Nourish then a gel to keep my curls styled for days. I defuse to dry in the winter. “The quality of my curls have improved. These are my results every time.” Simple and predictable! LOVE IT!

 I like my big, puffy hair but dryness and frizz are not my style.
I work a small portion (one pump) of Sheena’s Nourish into my fine, frizz prone hair after washing and while my hair is still wet. I use Sheena’s Hydrate directly at my scalp to refresh and mildly cleanse between washes. Frizz and dryness are no more.
I trust Sheena’s with my children. They use natural and organic ingredients, that’s important to me.  I only wish there was an economy sized bottle for Nourish the leave-in conditioner. Hydrate keeps the scalp fresh and clean, while Nourish is great to detangle & style. I purchase online or at Nunu’s Salon in Vancouver on Commercial Drive.


  1. Sheena’s Hair Care offers salon training at participating salons. A Sheena’s Hair Care stylist can be scheduled for product knowledge & demonstration. Contact Sheena’s if you are a stylist, salon owner, distributor, Sheena’s User and/or haircare enthusiast and wish to host a sip and sample hair event in your neighbourhood salon.

  2. I recommend this product to family & friends. As a stylist, you can expect professional advice and quality haircare options to manage and grow your hair.

  3. […] my personal experience with product and methods that work. Sheena’s Haircare is available at salon locations across Canada and recommend by stylist. Our approach to hair is care first style after, to […]

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