About Sheena’s


Life’s journey is full of twists, turns, hills and valleys ~ much like my hair.

So lets begin with my first big chop !

~Big move to Canadian North in 2009. Lost access to salons and beauty supply stores. Was confronted with a fact.

…..”I DON’T KNOW HOW TO CARE FOR MY HAIR” – Outside of braids, extensions and chemical relaxer I was lost.

I began researching hair incessantly ~ It’s properties, type, texture, pH balance and environmental factors – Wet, dry, heat, humidity and minus forty degree temperatures… ~brrr. After sourcing pharmaceutical and cosmetic grade ingredients, mixing, heating and blending raw materials, I discovered three separate but essential formulas.

To quench curls water, balance, natural oils, humectants. ~ Hydrophilic, lipophilic, Plant Based perfection – Some ingredients familiar to me a natural selection.  No magic no mystery just great hair.  Ask your Stylist about Sheena’s Hair Care

For kinky curly girls and boys seeking haircare products made and manufactured in Canada ~ By a kinky curly girl also made in Canada. Purchase now online. I guarantee your purchase. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the product, return for refund.

Photo on 2012-09-11 at 14.03 #6

To curls with love~


Hair Stylist, Founder and client at Sheena’s Hair Care



  1. M. Alcindor

    Dry hair in my thirties is much different from dry hair in my fifties. Learning to nurture and care for my hair in this permanent state of menopause is an added challenge. Sheena’s Hair Care(SHC) brings life to dry menopausal hair – it has brought new life and beauty to my hair that works for me in my fifties.

    Mary Alcindor

  2. Im so glad for this feedback M. Alcindor. The line has proven to work in many styles, stages and now ages. Thanks for sharing and do update us occasionally. Wish you continued hair success with Sheena’s Nourish.

    Kind regards

  3. Sheena’s Hair Care founder comes from a diverse background in the health and wellness industry. Her certification in physiology and nutrition produce a healthy and holistic approach to the beauty industry. Sheena says ~ “it seems the simplicity of care in cosmetics is lost in the pursuit to accomplish some extreme”.
    Sheena’s Hair Care is not made for styling alone, it’s a formula that cares for hair in the process of styling and in-between styling.

  4. Relocating to Toronto ON in 2014 with my cosmetic formulas complete. Apprenticing under top salon professionals at Vidal Sassoon and curly hair Master stylist Trudie Mulalu at Curlbar salon ~:) Achieving my hairstyling license brings my love affair with hair to full circle. My personal style reflects the beauty of nature and sophistication of simplicity. I teach product &methods to salon and beauty professionals in the GTA and downtown Toronto area. Salons and beauty professionals looking to practice better curly hair methods and celebrate the diversity of beauty and hair reach out to me for training. Sheena’s users are thrilled to introduce Sheena’s Hair Care products with confidence and pride to their new and existing clientele.

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