Hi, Im Sheena

Stylist, Founder & User at Sheena’s Hair Care

I have worked in the beauty trade for over six years, after completing beauty school certification at The Art & Technology Institute of Winnipeg Manitoba. My passion for this industry goes back to 2009, before I knew what it was, I had a need and a vision for my hair. Sheena’s Hair Care is the result of my personal and professional journey into hair and the beauty industry.

In Isolation, I began researching hair incessantly. Its properties, type, texture, pH balance and environmental factors.

“Life’s journey is full of twists, turns, hills and valleys, much like my hair.”

So let’s begin with my first big chop and move to Canadian North – 2009. I lost access to salons and beauty supply stores. I was confronted with a fact

…”I DON’T KNOW HOW TO CARE FOR MY HAIR” – Outside of braids, extensions and chemical relaxer I was lost! That didn’t sit well with me.

In Isolation, I began researching hair incessantly. It’s properties, type, texture, pH balance and environmental factors.

Wet, dry, heat, humidity and minus forty degree temperatures, polar bear. After sourcing pharmaceutical and cosmetic grade ingredients, mixing, heating and blending raw materials, I discovered three separate but essential formulas.

..i think she’s got it!

To quench these curls a treatment based approach was key. Featuring the traditional use of plant extracts, water, natural oils and humectants. Understanding hydrophilic and lipophilic compounds enable the treatment properties of a shampoo, a conditioner and a protein treatment to style and protect the hair in one.

Why Sheena’s?

Our formula is concentrated, water soluble and can be used separate or layered in for greater treatment and hydration potential. Ingredients you known and love from time. No magic, no mystery just quality haircare rooted in tradition not trend.

Did you know!

Proceeds from sales go back into the community to empower entrepreneurs and independent business owners in the beauty space