Natural Hair and Beauty

Textured Hair

Textured hair is a term stylist use to describe the natural thickness, density and curl patter of curly hair. Curly textured hair is diverse with variations hard to define or classify. A popular Hair-typing system use numerical gradation to describe the nature of curly hair and classifies the curliest texture as type 4

The texture categories related to this hair typing system include: type1 straight, type2 wavy, type3 curly, type4 extremely curly. Each having a subcategory type a, b and c to identify more specific properties like curl shape, feel and thickness.

Curl Significance

We are fascinated by curly textured hair! From political to traditional, hair reveals health and style secrets while referencing cultural moments documented over time. How you wear your curls says something about you and we’re here for it! Advocating for the success of curly haircare and styling.

Styling Curly Hair

Sheena’s Hair Care has over a decade of experience with curls at home and in salon. We do not see curls by race or ethnicity, only according to the properties of the scalp and hair.