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Consult a Stylist

How often do you visit a salon or stylist? Is it for colour, style or beauty therapy? Did you know a Braid-Set, Twist-Set and Roller-Set are services offered at select curly salons? Find a salon location here or consult a stylist via our form below.

Whether you’re a salon business, professional or looking to learn curly hair, product tools and methods are available on this website as a resource to you.

Are you visiting a curly salon for the first time, Or maybe looking to change routine? We suggest; walk with a few questions for your stylist, share your hair goals use pictures and videos to help communicate your vision. Expect your stylist and salon experience to deliver quality, style and a unique experience that’s right for you.

Here to help

Share your questions and personal goals in advance! Use the form below as a Salon Customer to help get you where you need to go. At your request, we can forward your contact along to a salon or stylist we recommend. An appointment maybe scheduled and confirmed for you within 48 hours.     

Salon Consultation

This is our salon contact form. Get in touch with a salon professional for access to product, service and education.