Consult a Stylist

Did you know a braid-set, twist-set and roller-set are services available at select curly salons? Locate a curly salon or stylist in your neighbourhood.

Our spring salon promotion is in effect from March 22 through June 2. Schedule your appointment via our salon consult form below. We will reply back with appointment and location options.

Salon Preparation

Are you visiting a curly salon for the first time, or maybe looking to change your routine? To prepare for your next salon service walk with a few questions for your stylist.

Use picture and video to help communicate your vision. Expect your stylist and salon experience to deliver quality, style and expertise that is right for you.

Here To Help

Share your questions and personal goals in advance. Let us help you find the right salon and stylist for you.

At your request, we will forward your info and contact along to a salon and stylist in your area. An appointment maybe scheduled and confirmed within 48 hours.

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