Looking to style and treat fine curly hair in salon? Our Salon introduction package has got you covered.

We offer a comprehensive one hour clinic to stylist and curl professionals looking to teach Sheena’s Hair Care product and methods. This clinic is free upon request with your minimum purchase. Download Sheena’s Hair Care info book to get started.

Salon Package

  • Minimum Twenty-five 8oz bottles for retail.
  • Minimum One x 1 Gallon back-bar
  • Minimum Two x 16 oz back-bar (complimentary)
  • Salon Retail Tools display (optional)

Call 888-674-3362 or email stylist@sheenashaircare.com

Sheena's Hair Care for Salon

Sheena’s Hair Care offers product and methods to style and treat fine curly hair. Our partners include salon owners, beauty professionals and distribution cooperatives. Our distribution cooperative employ venders, venues, bloggers, beauty professionals and salon owners through a shared interest that offers professional growth and development. Get in touch!

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