Curly Hair Management

Sheena’s: Curly Hair Management

From one curl to another! Consider things we have observed at home and in salon that may help you manage your curly expectations. Firstly, our approach to hair is set in routine not trend. We suggest you find fun fashion trends that compliment your natural hair in the most authentic way possible. Make managing your type four curls fun and easy while accomplishing your hair goals.

Find your best hair

Your best hair is the hair that grows naturally from your scalp. It’s the healthiest and most significant hair because it indicates your natural curl and growth pattern. When you know your natural curl and growth pattern you make curl sense of caring for your hair. How often you wash, trim, heat and treat your hair is relevant to your curly hair management success.

What are your hair goals?

If you’re anything like us your hair goals are length retention, enhanced moisture and curl definition. We accomplish our hair goals with quality product, low traction styling, maximizing moisture and easy access to the scalp and hair. We reduce tangles by trimming and practicing overnight haircare with hair-tools like the Nylon Sleeping Cap.