Curly Hair Products for Temperatures Below Zero

We’re dreaming of spring while it’s forty below somewhere in Canada and Punxsutawney Phil predicts six more weeks of winter. Get more wear out of your curly style at temperatures below zero. Flat pin your hair under a silk scarf or satin bonnet, consider scarves, toques and hoodies with built-in satin lining, protect your curls from tangles, breakage and deep freeze frizz.

Undercover Style

Keep up, your curly style and treatment, use Sheena’s Hair Care products for moisture rich, protein and pH balanced curls that stay fresh and dry. Stay confident and curl ready this season with the ultimate curly haircare system made for extreme winter curls.

Curl Ready – Spring

Treat yourself to salon relaxation this spring. Remember to schedule a deep hydration Wash & Go service to maximize moisture. Join Sheena’s mailing list and access seasonal discounts on salon treatments and services this spring.

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