Curly Hair Trends – At Home and In Salon

To know the nature of your curls starts at the scalp and roots. Keep salon visits regular with wash and style dates that keep you close to style and trends that are best for you. Discuss hair goals and treatment options you may not have considered with a professional curly stylist.

Discover your curl potential with Sheena’s complete haircare line and recommended methods. We strive to meet salon standards for quality and efficacy, take the guess work out and accomplish your best hair at home and in salon.

CurlBar Beauty Salon – Toronto Ontario, Canada

Instant results!

After washing & clarifying, we saw instant results after applying a generous portion of Sheena’s Nourish. We finished with a maximum hold gel for style and longevity. The leave-in treatment benefits of Sheena’s Nourish, under any styling product, improves the condition of curls over time. As the condition of your hair improves you require less product, retain length and moisture levels in the hair.

Stylist – Karen Prince

Why Sheena’s

  • Sheena’s Nourish plays well with other brands and styling products
  • Light weight and effective as a base product.
  • A Staple Product for curly haircare

At Home with Our Hair Crush