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  1. What curly products and methods do you use?
  2. What curly advice would you give?
  3. Are your curly products doing what they say they do?

To the diverse community of curls we ask these questions. To determine the nature vs nurture of curly hair. Most of us are learning as we go and discovering our curl potential by trial and error. The common thread and ultimately our saving grace, tried and true, ingredients we know from time. Find out why Sheena’s Nourish Leave-in Conditioner is a staple product at home and in salons and a YES to question number three above.


What We Know

To accommodate different hair textures the knowledge of haircare is necessary. Understanding the properties of the scalp and hair, combined with professional product and methods are essential to the success of curls.

Ivy Prosper – Toronto blogger and media personality meets curly clients in the street to talk hair.