Hair Food! Natural and Organic Ingredients to Hydrate, Nourish and Strengthen Fine Curly Hair

Organic, whole foods can be the best choice for nourishing your body, the same way Sheena’s Hair Care products, enriched with natural and organic ingredients, work to nourish and treat type four curly hair.

Eat food

Use Sheena’s Hair Care product to hydrate, nourish and strengthen fine, curly hair. Get clean, shine and curl definition with our leave-in treatment haircare products that style your hair, in one. Our approach to hair is care first, style after, work with the nature of type four curly hair improving tendencies towards dryness, breakage and frizz over time. We employ a “dry-style method” for care and style that makes wearing your curls natural easy longer between traditional wash days.

Food for your hair improves the condition, manageability and gets you longer-lasting wear from your style. Get healthier looking and feeling hair, guaranteed.

Hydrate Nourish Strengthen

Hydrate to quench a thirsty scalp and hair between wash days. Nourish to moisturize and condition curls, plus it makes a great light weight blow-out cream. Strengthen with our treatment gel for a protective coat and curl definition.