How To Determine Your Natural Hair Density & Texture

The longest measured strand of hair known to my head is twenty-two inches. About thirty percent of the strands on my head grow to this length. The majority of my curly strands live inside a growth cycle of thirteen inches. Once this length is accomplished the hair sheds from the root. Im currently documenting the time it takes for a strand to reach its maximum length, after the effect of trims and though minimal breakage.

What shed hair can tell you

My curly head of hair is a combination texture that includes all of the LOIS shapes in approximately these portions: 10%L, 10%O, 50%I, 30%S – In any case, Sheena’s recommends, style to the majority. With the help of quality styling tools and some key methods I have seen more of my strands reach twenty-two inches

Haircare First

The conditions surrounding medium-fine curly textured hair influence Sheena’s complete product line. Haircare first is our mission, treatment and styling in one.