Our Story

Our Story

In 2009 Sheena joined naturals on-line seeking healthy hair care options to manage and grow kinky, curly, textured hair. On July 13 2012, Sheena’s launched three cosmetic formulas in time to meet that growing demand. ~Salons in her neighbourhood and home city Vancouver, BC offered a professional platform upon which Sheena’s could test and improve. Sheena’s greatest success has been meeting your curly hair expectations at home and in salon.

  • kitchen chemist to manufacturing and distribution.
  • Kitchen ~ Cosmetic formulation -> R&D ~ Testing -> Laboratory ~ source ingredients ~ production -> Manufacturing & distribution.
  • Trusting the Results and proper feedback  We  ready’d  our  Star  formula  NOURISH!  to  be  manufactured  and  shipped  to retail.
  • In addition to using naturally sourced and organic ingredients  Sheena’s honors Afro-Caribbean customs and traditional values of caring. Using methods and ingredients that for thousands of years have proven to beautify and preserve the skin and hair.  We’re most happy to bring you a product as beautiful and original as you are.

If you like Nourish you’re gonna love Hydrate and Strengthen.

The line is complete with Hydrate and Strengthen. 

Coming Soon!

Sheena’s Hair Care – An interview with the founder