Sheena's Home City

Our Story

“My greatest success is meeting your curly hair expectations at home and in salon.”

In 2009 Sheena joined naturals on-line seeking healthy haircare options to manage and grow ‘type four’ curly hair. In 2012 Sheena launched three cosmetic formulas in time to meet that growing demand. Salons in her neighbourhood and home city, Vancouver, BC, offered a professional platform for Sheena to test and improve the line. We sold our first box of Sheena’s Hair Care product in salon five years later and grew our business across the country to salons in BC, Quebec and Ontario.

You would try to if this happened to you!

After my first big chop and a big move to Canada’s Northern region of Manitoba, possibly the most freezing cold province in Canada, I was confronted with a fact. I did not know how to care for my hair. Out-side of chemical relaxer, weave and extensions I was completely lost to the nature of my natural hair…

“kitchen chemist” to manufacturing and distribution

Products made from necessity and curiosity to wonder; what is my fine curly textured hair made of.

In Isolation, I began researching hair incessantly. It’s properties, type, texture, pH balance and environmental factors.

Wet, dry, heat, humidity and minus forty degree temperatures, polar bear. After sourcing pharmaceutical and cosmetic grade ingredients, mixing, heating and blending raw materials, I discovered three separate but essential formulas.

Curly By Nature

Sheena’s Hair Care brand is bold, kind and unapologetic. Our products work to care for hair prone to dryness breakage and frizz.

Haircare First!

Our products are made to treat and style fine curly hair, in one. There is nothing else like it for curls like mine.

Sheena’s Hair Care line is complete with these three formulas

  1. Hydrate – A botanical foam based leave-in cleanser. Get that in-between clean without busting up your style.
  2. Nourish – A light weight ‘heavy duty’ leave-in conditioner for soft hold and frizz control. Condition your hair for all day protection against dry, brittle hair.
  3. Strengthen – A leave-in treatment gel enhanced with silk protein, for a firm and flexible hold.