Naturally You taking the mystery out of your hair care routine

This Info-Book is meant to promote our line of hair care products to Sheena’s Hair Care user

Sheena’s Hair Care products were designed to care for the nature of kinky and curly textured hair at home and in salon

Sheena’s Hair Care products and methods are outlined here for marketing and promotional use. A download is available to print for salon and personal use. Sheena’s Hair Care products and methods are used at home and by salon professionals who care for curls.

Results you can rely on!

Our straight forward approach to hair and style incorporates the use of ‘protective styling’ in a practical way to naturally transition into prolonged wearable style. We use a combination of braids and twists much like one uses roller to set and style the hair.

Take the mystery out!

Experience the difference our products make when used with these select curl essential Tools & Methods

Sheena's Hair Care for Salon

When wearing your hair wet is not ideal, takes hours or days to dry, it's time for a new approach to style.

~ Sheena's Hair Care



Use Hydrate to remove grease and build up from pomades.

  1. Cleanse and refresh your hair between wash days with Hydrate.
  2. A foam based cleanser removes build-up from edge creams and pomades
    without busting up your style.
  3. Seponaria flower reduces shrinkage and gently cleans the hair and scalp.

“Finally a dry shampoo for curly hair!” Spot treat as needed to refresh-detangle, preserve your hair and style between wash days. Seponaria flower is a mild cleaning agent often used to clean delicate fabrics, it’s the feature ingredient in Sheena’s Hydrate.

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We do not recommend Hydrate for hair colour lighter than a level five.




Use Nourish to set your twist or braid out after washing the hair.

  1. Apply your favourite oil or syrum for heat protection when using hot tools.
  2. Use Nourish on wet hair for a traditional Wash & Go style. Or, apply to dry hair for a treatment and concentrated dose of moisture.
  3. Sheena’s Nourish is the perfect primer, use under your favourite styling gel or alone for a soft hold and frizz control.

When wearing your hair wet is not ideal or takes hours or days to dry it’s time for a new approach to style. Our leave-in treatment products are for styling type four curly hair, where haircare comes first.

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Our modified Wash & GO using Sheena’s Strengthen Treatment Gel

  • After washing with shampoo and conditioner apply Nourish root to ends.
  • Tension method blow-dry low to medium heat root to ends.
  • Leave 20% water moisture in hair. Allow to air-dry.
  • Apply Strengthen Gel mid-shaft to ends to increase hold and define curls.



Strengthen and style with our silk protein gel treatment after “texture bending” and heat styling.

  1. A treatment to strengthen and fortify your stands when needed.
  2. Spot-treat, apply mid-shaft to ends. Treat and style the most vulnerable strands.
  3. Our plant based treatment gel deposits tiny plant and silk protein fibres to fill
    cracks and porosity along the shaft.

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Haircare first, style after! We combine haircare and styling to bring you a most original and unique product, as unique and original as you are.

~ Sheena's Hair Care

Some interesting facts about Sheena’s Hair Care products

As a result of treating the conditions of naturally kinky and curly hair Sheena’s Hair Care products work to treat some damaged hair conditions.

  • Heat damage (including damage from sun)
  • Chemical damage
  • Damage from over-styling results maybe over stretched, broken and bent out of shape.

Other well known treatment options to remedy damage:

  • Big Chop
  • Protein treatments & Moisture masks.
  • Tint back colour service for chemically damaged hair (consult a salon professional)

Why Sheena’s

Sheena’s Hair Care products were made for kinky and curly textured hair. Using plant based ingredients to harness the leave-in benefit of a cleanser, conditioner and treatment.

Our formulas are meant to be used on dry hair, between wash days. They add a layer of moisture, shine and protection to preserve your hair and style while improving the condition of your hair over time.

Sheena’s approach to hair is care first style after. We combine haircare and styling to bring you a most original and unique product. A product as unique and original as you are.