Curly Hair Essentials

Is it ok for me to use products for curly hair if my hair is not curly?

A great question indeed, after all, smart shoppers who care about what they put on their skin and hair might consider Sheena’s Hair Care, due to its natural and organic focused ingredients.

Our leave-in treatment and styling products work to care for hair that needs moisture, fortification and a gentle clean between wash days and salon visits. Textures that maintain coily and naturally drier consistency are a perfect fit, they happily soak up and lock in the creamy moisture that allows for increased flexibility and  manageability

If this doesn’t sound like your hair type, be sure to do your research and don’t be afraid to experiment.

Discovering new beauty products and rituals that may be culturally different or contrary to what you are accustomed to is exciting! Exploring a new landscape of beauty will help you get to know what works best for YOU! And that may change over time as your hair texture changes.

Don’t let fear of a misstep have you missing out. Do your homework and remain respectful and receptive to feedback when it comes to your haircare journey.

Try Sheena’s Hydrate

Our most widely used product for the range of hair textures out there. Safe and effective, for use on the scalp and hair; moisture, freshness and that clean between wash days, Sheena’s botanical foam cleanser boosts hydration and volume.