Methodology: Between wash days, Salon Visit & New growth

Here, we discuss healthy hair management to treat, style and care for type four curly hair. Your hair is uniquely designed and we were inspired to create a product to meet its needs.


Our process includes treatment to condition the hair and methods to maintain the integrity of your strands. Healthy hair management that works between wash days, salon visits and new growth. Our hair routine is a cycle that covers three significant stages: Applied treatment, Style and Lasting results.


Salon visits are fun, informative and get you hip to trends in the beauty industry. The salon offers a window into style options that can work for you.


Wash days we define as traditional shampoo & condition treatments in the shower. But, a condition only wash and a water only rinse have become frequent go to options between traditional wash days to care for curly hair.


Lasting, long term results can be expected with a basically basic hair routine. We use steam regularly and a flat iron steam treatment once or twice a year to soften new growth. Transitioning from straight to curly hair between wash days and salon visits is our expertise. Sheena’s Hair Care product line works at each step of the way to hydrate, nourish and keep hair strong.