Methodology: Between wash days, Salon Visit & New growth


Treatment first style after, with our products you get the best of both worlds and results that last. Take a layered approach with Sheena’s Hair Care products; fill cracks and porosity, refresh, detangle, moisturize and shine. It’s not possible to get all this goodness in one bottle and we are not magicians making magical potions here

Here, we discuss Sheena’s healthy hair management to treat and style curly hair prone to dryness, breakage and frizz. Your hair is uniquely designed and we were inspired to create a product to meet its needs.

Our products and methods are tested in salon with professionals and at home with curly stylist and user. Get predictable results with Sheena’s Hair Care products and consider these few new healthy hair management methods from a source.


Wash days, not your traditional shampoo & condition, start dry with Sheena’s Hydrate Cleanser to clean and detangle. Follow up whey Sheena’s Nourish to moisturize and shine. Our treatment is special, apply mid-shaft to ends for curl definition and frizz control, guaranteed.


Use Sheena’s Hair Care between your traditional wash days and salon visits – Get that Wash & Go style dry at home with the complete line. Sheena’s Nourish plays well with other styling products as a base to keep hair soft and moisturized. Apply Sheena’s Nourish before or after a terry towel steam wrap to refresh your curly style. With the occasional use of minimal heat, twist, rollers and braid sets styling with Sheena’s is easy, Hydrate, Nourish and Strengthen.


Lasting, long term results and easy wearable hair can be expected with minimal effort. To maintain results consider our top selling tools the Terry Towel steam wrap and our Nylon Sleeping cap to keep your style fresh.