Natural Hair Love: Beachside to Boujee

How we go from the surf & sun to fine dining with professionals in less time

For The Nature Lover

Let’s face it, nature is luxury and here are ways we do boujee that compliment our free spirt and love for nature. If you’re anything like us you already find yourself close in proximity to nature. You don’t feel at home unless near a tree, park, fresh air or body of water and you need a healthy dose of each on a regular basis.

The Nature of Curly Hair

Type four curly hair, is rather fine and porous like a sponge. This hair type is more open to change and responds harmoniously to surrounding environmental conditions. Curly hair and water best demonstrate the effect a natural condition may have on this high porosity hair.

If high porosity hair is like a sponge consider what exactly you want it to soak up. It’s why we like hats and head wraps in smoky or dusty environments where pollutants or unpleasant oder may linger.

Wet and Go Swim

You love the water! Pool, beach, ocean or lake and you’re ready to swim. Wetting your hair down with fresh water first, before taking that dip in the pool, will reduce the amount of pool water that dips in your hair. We recommend, use H2O-braids before entering the water for a vigorous swim to reduce shrinkage, knots and tangles.

Set For Success

Give yourself an hour to get ready for that professional dinner meeting at 3pm. Get dressed while your hair air drys up to 70%. Take down your H2O-braids then apply Sheena’s Nourish leave-in conditioner and a light heat protector. Blow-dry with medium heat from the root of your strands to mid shaft, use a cool shot to finish. Your favourite essential fragrance and a light cold pressed oil like coconut, almond or grape seed oil is a nice way to complete the look.

For A Quick Clean

If you need more clean in less time, use Sheena’s Hydrate – Leave-in Cleanser before applying Nourish for a mild cleans of the scalp and hair before stying.