Naturally Alter Type 4 Curly Hair

Naturally Alter the Texture of Type 4 Curly Hair

We use heat, rollers, braids and twist to naturally alter the texture of Type Four curly hair.

Quality product and tools are used to retain length, add shine and restore moisture to these strands. Go-to, no to medium heat styles that shape and condition type 4 curls over time, make managing your curls clean and simple.

No Breakage Texture Bending

  1. Use the Tension Method to blow dry type four curly hair
  2. Blow-dry to stretch new growth form root to mid-shaft
  3. Roller-set. Braid-set. Twist-set are good low to no heat styling options

Play on Texture Tips & Tools

The finger-coil-set works best on curl types three and four. Like all the sets recommended above, the finger-coil requires water and leave-in conditioner. Use a hood dryer, dry to fifty percent then use a quality blow dryer to defuse. Once hair is dry, separate individual finger-coils to desired volume.