Naturally Alter Type 4 Curly Hair

Naturally Alter the Texture of Type 4 Curly Hair

We use heat, rollers, braids and twist to naturally alter the texture of type four curly hair Quality product, tools and methods are used to retain length, add shine and restore moisture to these fine curly strands. Go-to – medium heat, or no heat styles that stretch and condition type 4 curls; make managing this curls simple and clean.

No Breakage Texture Bending

  1. Use the Tension Method to blow dry type four curly hair
  2. Allow hair to air dry up to fifty percent before using heat
  3. Blow-dry to stretch new growth from root to mid-shaft
  4. Roller-set, Braid-set, Twist-set are good low-to-no heat style options

Sheena’s Recommends: Style and Care – Type Four Curly Hair at Home

  1. Start on freshly washed and conditioned hair
  2. Use a clarifying shampoo to remove build-up only when necessary
  3. Allow hair to air-dry fifty percent then apply shea butter to length of hair
  4. Apply heat protector at new growth; use tension method to blow-dry
  5. Blow-dry to stretch new growth from root to mid-shaft
  6. Rock you blow-out or roller-braid-or-twist set set.

Curly Cue


Use Sheena’s Hydrate Leave-in Foam Cleanser to detangle, fresh and transition between curly styles. The airy foam dissolves tangles, as the curl cuticle gently contracts, and offers a diffused dose of moisture that makes shaping your next dry-style clean and easy. Sheena’s Hydrate foam cleanser dries fast for long-lasting heatless styles.


Re-touch an old wash & go style, apply to hair while dry mid-shaft to ends and let air-dry. On an old (or a fresh) blow-out; apply to hair while dry mid-shaft to ends. Define, treat and shine back curly style. Work in small sections with your hair’s natural curl cluster. Apply to hair while dry for best results. Spot-treat to define and shine dry and frizzy sections of hair as needed.


Play on Texture Tips

The finger-coil-set works best on curl types three and four. Like all the sets recommended above, the finger-coil requires a level of moisture and leave-in-conditioner. Use a hood dryer, dry to fifty percent then use a quality blow dryer to defuse. Once hair is dry, separate individual finger-coils to desired volume.