What Curl Are You?

Determine your curl shape and density in a few simple steps

Quick test:

Are your curls fine? Roll a strand of hair between your fingers, can you feel it? If yes your strands are medium-thick, if no medium-fine. Our recommendations here are for medium to fine type three and four curly hair. We identify curls by texture: shape, feel and density. We use the number and letter ‘typing system’.


Hair Type

  1. Type 3 and 4 are very curly and extremely curly hair types.
  2. The letter a,b,c describe curl feel (also density)
  3. The LOIS describe curl shape.

Curl Shape

L – strand turns at a right angle
O – strand makes a complete circle
I – strand is straight with zigzag pattern from root to ends
S – strand makes a continuation “S” pattern from root to ends
Curl Feel
  • Cotton/wool
  • Thready
  • Wiry
  • Thickness (per/strand)

Tips & Tools

Keep it simple with beauty tips and tools, that happen to be salon favourites, modified for curly hair use at home. Keeping curls stretched, moisturized and tangle free is a good start to curl success. Find your hair signature-curl-cluster! Fine curly hair is stronger together so count your curl in a cluster of three to ten strands and do not disturb. Use tools like our Nylon Cylinder Cap to keep curls laid and stretched while you sleep for tangle-free hair. Instantly boost moisture with a Terry Towel Steam wrap to soften and re-hydrate the hair. Dry your hair with even moisture, using the tension method, blow dry with cool to medium heat and medium airflow. Condition your curls with these tips & tools. The success of curly hair is predictability!


Finger detangle dry to remove shed hair. Use a wide tooth comb or ball-tip vent brush with conditioner on wash day. Cleans and re-hydrate with Sheena’s Hydrate Leave-in cleanser to keep hair fresh between wash days. Avoid traction styling, wigs, weaves or things that reduce access to the scalp and hair.

Take the mystery out of your curly hair routine!

With Sheena’s Hair Care products, get the leave-in treatment benefits of a shampoo, a conditioner and a treatment. Treat and style your curls at home between wash days and salon visits. Use tools and methods that work to support your every day curls.

Our Philosophy

Your hair is divinely designed

We were inspired naturally to bring you a complete system of haircare product, tools and methods that work to support the nurture of your curls.

Haircare for Curls