Tools & Methods

Curly Essential Hair Tools

Tools & Methods

Naturally You! Taking the mystery out of curly haircare. Treatment based products and methods for the nature of curls.
The products, tools and methods we recommend support every day haircare. Detangle, soften and moisturize your curls from scalp to ends. Made for curls that coil, zigzag and wave when you walk. For fine, wiry, wooly, thready hair and cottony curls that defy gravity.
Get predictable results!
Get that Go-to style and the best five day hair you ever had. Healthy looking and feeling hair that meets your life and style goals. This hair and beauty ritual is made simple with our recommended beauty tips and tools. They also happen to be salon favourites, modified for curl care at home. The sleeping beauty Nylon Cylindrical Cap keeps hair stretched and tangle-free while you sleep. A Terry Towel steam treatment infuses moisture and calm to curls. Massage the scalp and detangle with a ball-tip vent brush. Tension method blow dry, with stay cool to medium heat and medium airflow, for even moisture. We believe the success of curly hair is predictability.
Finger detangle dry to remove shed hair; use a vent brush, on damp hair on wash day. Use the Fine Mist Sprayer  with a light oil, to balance moisture levels and extend the life of your style and leave-in conditioner. Consider hair exploration sessions to determine hair porosity and moisture preference, we recommend a layering approach.
Sheena’s haircare products uses plant-based ingredients with leave-in benefits of a shampoo, conditioner and treatment. Apply to wet or dry hair between washes and salon visits to improve the condition of your hair. View Sheena’s info book for more on Sheena’s Hair Care products. Purchase online with confidence, knowing we guarantee your purchase with us. See our return policy here
Point Form Summary
Keep it simple
  • Apply everyday haircare product(s) and methods
  • With regular access to the scalp and hair
  • Reduce shrinkage with low maintenance, stretched style
  • Maintain even moisture levels, root to end of strands
  • Avoid tangles, breakage and shrinkage
  • Help the hair find &/or maintain its natural curl clusters
Know your hair
  • Knowing hair texture is key to styling success.
  • Sheena’s product was designed to care for fine curly hair.
  • We identify curls by using the texture ‘typing system’ by number and letter; 3abc &/or 4abc ~ The letter categories a,b &c describe curl shape and feel while the number identifies curl type.
Curl Shape (type):
L – strand turns at a right angle
O – strand makes a complete circle
I – strand is straight with zigzag pattern from root to ends
S – strand makes a continuation “S” pattern from root to ends
Curl Feel (texture): Density (fine, medium, thick)
  • cottony/woolly
  • Thready
  • Wirey
Your hair is divinely designed!
We were inspired naturally to bring you a complete system of haircare; product, tools and methods, that work to nurture curly hair.

Naturally You

Facing The Element of Extremes.

Extreme curls, meet extreme cold, dryness, heat, humidity and the ever changing four seasons of the Canadian North, with complete confidence.

A tropical experience made in Canada

Our formula was designed assuming that tropical conditions produce your best hair, where hydration, moisture and heat are consistent weather conditions.  BUT, where weather conditions are less consistent our formulas work to regulate the condition of your hair.

It’s no mystery:

Our pH focused formula and balanced ingredients work together or separate to Hydrate , Nourish and Strengthen your hair. They combine in a verity of ways depending on your hair needs and goals to produce consistent and predictable results. Consult a stylist for details