Naturally You!

Naturally You!

Taking the mystery out of your haircare routine.
Finally a haircare system that works for my kinky and curly hair texture. Sheena’s Hair Care philosophy and approach to hair begins with healthy hair management. Sheena’s offers haircare products and methods to simplify and guarantee results. Purchase online with confidence knowing we guarantee your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with your purchase you may return it for a full refund.
Keep it simple
  • Apply good everyday haircare product(s) &/or Method(s)
  • With regular access to the scalp and hair
  • Reduce shrinkage with low maintenance, stretched style
  • Maintain even moisture levels from root to end of strands
  • Avoid tangles, breakage and shrinkage
  • Help the hair find &/or maintain its natural curl clusters
Know your hair
  • Knowing hair texture is key to your styling and haircare success.
  • Our formula was designed to care for extreme kinky and curly textures.
  • We identify extreme kinky and curly textures as type 3abc &/or 4abc ~ The sub categories a,b &c we further classify by describing their curl shape and feel.
Curl Shape (type):
L – strand turns at a right angle
O – strand makes a complete circle
I – strand is straight with a tight zigzag pattern from root to ends
S – strand makes a continuation “S” pattern from root to ends
Curl Feel (texture): (fine, medium, thick)
  • cottony/woolly
  • Thready
  • Wirey
Your hair is divinely designed!
And we were inspired naturally to bring you a complete system of haircare, product, tools and methods, that work to nurture it.

Naturally You

Facing The Element of Extremes,

extreme curls meet extreme cold, dryness, heat, humidity and the ever changing four seasons of the Canadian North, With Complete Confidence.

A tropical experience made in Canada

Our formula was designed assuming that tropical conditions produce your best hair, where hydration, moisture and heat are consistent weather conditions.  BUT, where weather conditions are less consistent our formulas work to regulate the condition of your hair.

It’s no mystery:

Our pH focused formula and balanced ingredients work together or independently to Hydrate , Nourish and Strengthen your hair. They combine in a verity of ways, depending on your hair needs and/or goals, to produce consistent and predictable results.