One Curl To Another: Keeping Hair Clean and Styled Between Wash Days

With regular access to the scalp and hair, curly naturals can enjoy spa like hydration and deep moisture every five to seven days. When wearing your hair wet is not ideal or takes too long to dry, Sheena’s Hair Care offers product and key methods that extend the life and freshness of curly hair between wash days.

Everyone knows curly hair requires less shampoo wash days per week due to reduced levels of sebum. Reduced sebum levels can produce hair prone to dryness and frizz. Try Sheena’s Hydrate for a dry clean you can leave-in and that boosts moisture. Sheena’s Hydrate breaks up knots and tangles without busting up your style. Apply Sheena’s Hair Care products to dry hair for enhanced treatment and styling potential. After using Sheena’s Hydrate, within minutes, your curls are fresh, tangle-free and ready for our treatment gel, Strengthen. Gently return those delicate curly strands back to their natural curl cluster, define and shine.

What we see

In our observation, the curl is best defined in a cluster of strands and is stronger together. Sheena’s Nourish is a well balanced leave-in moisturizer that improves the condition of fine curly hair with regular use; Nourish is our favourite conditioner of curls. This water soluble combination of ingredients emulsifies when wet, easily and gently rinsing out of the hair.

Explore the rejuvenating world of Sheena’s Hair Care. Achieve spa-like results with the complete line, starting with Nourish, a well-balanced leave-in moisturizer. From the quick-drying clean of Hydrate to emphasizing the beauty of natural curl clusters with Strengthen gel. Every strand is treated with spa-like hydration and deep moisture, ensuring a fresh, tangle-free and radiant look every day