Nourish ~ Leave-in Conditioner (Ingredients)

Nourish, a luxurious leave-in conditioner with almond and coconut essentials.

How it works:

– Nourish for all day protection against dry brittle hair.

– Restore moisture and strengthen to build hair.

– Soft hold & frizz control for styling.

How to use:

– Portion controle pump.

– Spread evenly to coat hair and style.

– Apply to wet or dry hair to Nourish.

keep it simple with a light leave-in conditioning moisturizer that wont weigh hair down or cause build up. Add moisture, shine and frizz control. Nourish your hair 2-4x/week. Use it with your favourite styling product or alone. Nourish is hypoallergenic and contains a mild dose of coconut & silk protein.

Key ingredients:

H2O, Aloe, Coconut oil, Shea Nut Butter, Cocoa Butter, Vegetable Glycerine, Behentrimonium Methosulfate Cetearyl Alchole, Castor Seed Oil, Silk Amino Acid, Althaea officials root, Honeyquat, Grape Seed Oil, Optiphen, Vitamin B5, Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Vitamin E, Coconut Fragrance oil, Cedarwood Extract, Sweet Orange and Almond essential oil.


Strengthen ~ Coconut Protein Treatment (Ingredients)

How it works:

– Mend and Rebuild with this light coconut & silk protein treatment.

– Strengthen after styling and extended manipulation between washes. This treatment will help you revert after heat styling.

– A cream based protein treatment that feels like a gel.

How to use:

– Shake gently before use.

– Saturate and smooth mid shaft to ends.

– Style as usual.

Use this light protein treatment to mend and rebuild between washes. “Straight to coils“. Strengthen contains both coconut and silk protein. Contact us

Key Ingredients:

Silk amino acid helps regulate moisture absorption to the core of your strands. This formula combined with cocnut-seed protein creates an extra barrier of moisture and strength.

Product Review ~ Sheena’s & Locs

My new and improved hair care regime. Featuring Sheena’s Hydrate & Nourish.
As the weather gets colder my locs get a bit brittle.  I increase moisture sessions and decrease shampoo washing. This is how I use Sheena’s after washing to moisturize and re-twist my hair.

Once I’ve thoroughly washed my hair I immediately apply three pumps of Nourish by SHC from tip to root.  I do this while my hair is still dripping and the shower has just been turned off.  I scrunch it into my locs and massage my scalp with it.  I really like Nourish because it’s totally natural, it’s creamy, light and full of nutrition.  I wring out my hair before leaving the shower.  I leave it for about five minutes before lightly drying it with a towel.  I separate my hair into four parts and apply more Nourish at this time, about two pumps per section, to prepare my hair for a re-twist.  I use coconut oil to help further lock in moisture.  The next morning I spray my hair and scalp thoroughly with Hydrate.  I LOVE  this product, my scalp is much healthier since I’ve been using it. Sheena’s Hair Care keeps my locs soft and has improved the condition of my scalp and hair. This line is easy to use, well priced and ALL NATURAL, thank Goodness.

Product Review

I’m the mother of this 12 year old girl who’s been blessed with big beautiful curly hair. She refuses to wear it out in all of it’s glory. It breaks my heart to know the potential of her hair and see her struggle to accept it.
Recently I tried a new product, all natural and made in Canada. I was skeptical at first due to results iv seen with so called “Natural” and “Organic” products; however the idea of supporting a Canadian brand appealed to me. A free consultation with Sheena, the product founder and creator, was an added bonus. We agreed to wash and set my daughter’s hair in twists using Sheena’s Hair Care product Nourish, a truly Luxurious leave in conditioner.
(above before & after)
During the process I could see lovely moist coils popping! At bedtime, we wrapped it in a scarf and waited anxiously to see the results. The next day revealed a pleasant surprise, no flakes, no residue, no greasy or waxy feeling left behind. Her hair was lush and moisturized with great definition. Days have passed and my daughter is waring her hair out! Its not too poofy she says, even when she’s extra active in sports.
Thanks Sheena, for creating a natural product, for listening to our story and sharing your expertise. We would be happy to recommend your hair care line to anyone who is struggling with the issues we were facing!

Q & A Parents & Children

Good hair practice ~ for parents and children.

Meet Ebony Venus,

Ebony is the mother of two daughters with textured hair. A recent discussion revealed some useful tips about children and hair care.

Q: Hey Venus, I hear you had a big hair weekend – or was it just a day. One might think having two daughter with textured hair might warrant a full hair weekend? How do you keep up with the hair do’s?

A: My secrets!!! Well, my main ingredient in “hair weekend” is little to no tears aka BAWLIN'(!) balanced against getting it done as quickly as possible. The end goal is a hair style that lasts for 6 to 8 weeks- completion time-1hr minimum, 3hrs MAXIMUM…. Is relatively easy to take down(1/2 hour 40 min’s max )…. Hair weekend is usually broken up into cycles…. Step1> wash/condition and into protective style. A week later, step 2> 6-8’er so braid. Step 3> take down 6-8week old style, rock the braid out a few days, then tie it back -good time for kids to experiment with their own abilities, may be as simple as fro puffs of their own making….. Week later, back to step 1…… Anytime I’ve tried to do too much at once we all loose, breaking it up keeps everybody chill.


In summary low maintenance, protective styles are great for managing the hair, tangles and TIME. Low maintenance styling should last the duration of 2-7 days. Regular maintenance with protective styling will save tears and teach your little ones how to manage their own hair and time. Thanks for breaking it down for us Ebony.

Hello World!

When it comes to your best hair success Sheena’s got your back ~ with product and methods that support your every day hair.

Sheena’s hair care will meet your hair needs. Quench a thirsty scalp, replenish and re-hydrate your hair, restore moisture and protein balance in three easy steps; Hydrate, Nourish and Strengthen

Sheena’s documented hair journey accounts for more than five years of industry experience and incorporates that of other naturals who dare. My hope, is that you find strength and support on your journey ~ knowing that its one we share.

Textured Hair

Textured hair is the term we use to describe the natural thickness and kinky or curly “curl patter”  of hair un-altered by hot comb, flat iron or chemicals. Curly textured hair is diverse with variations hard to define or classify. A popular Hair-typing system of numerical gradation might best describe the curliest texture of hair as being ‘type 4’.

The texture categories related to this hair typing system include type 1 straight, type 2 wavy, type 3 curly, type 4 kinky,coily: Each having a subcategory a, b and c to identify more specific properties.
We are fascinated by kinky, curly textures! From political to ritual – Hair reveals style and beauty secrets +social and cultural customs as old as time.