Product Review & Locs

Haircare for Locs

Product Review & Locs

This product review demonstrates the diversified use of our haircare line. Sheena’s Hair Care is treatment based and for this reason it works well in loc’s.

~Product Review~


My hair routine Featuring Sheena’s Hydrate & Nourish (2014)

Review by Mrs. Jade Johnson

As the weather gets colder my locs get a bit brittle.  I increase moisture sessions and decrease shampoo washing. This is how I use Sheena’s after washing to moisturize and re-twist my hair


Once I’ve thoroughly washed my hair I immediately apply three pumps of Nourish by SHC from tip to root.  I do this while my hair is still dripping and the shower has just been turned off.  I scrunch it into my locs and massage my scalp with it.  I really like Nourish because it’s totally natural, it’s creamy, light and full of nutrition.  I wring out my hair before leaving the shower.  I leave it for about five minutes before lightly drying it with a towel.

I separate my hair into four parts and apply more Nourish at this time, about two pumps per section, to prepare my hair for a root-re-twist.  I don’t need any other sealant since Nourish locks and seals moisture perfectly and for days.  I use Hydrate at the scalp to relive dryness and refresh the hair every five to seven days and between washes.  I LOVE  this product, my scalp is much healthier since I’ve been using it and locs are soft and flexible. Sheena’s Haircare is easy to use, well priced and ALL NATURAL  – thank Goodness.