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Q & A Bernell Clone

Hair and Culture – Meet Bernell Clone. Vancouvers’s own Style Guru.


Q: Bernell Of all your travels what place has inspired you most? As a professional stylist, what hair trends do you love – What would you like to see more of?

A: Through out my travels I feel perhaps Tokyo has inspired me most. Japan is a world unto itself where aesthetic value is held in varied and highest regard. People in Japan seem to use the sartorial as a primary means of expression even though social conformity is a significant part of the Japanese psyche – Yet you see trends you recognize as well as “originals” with unique hair and makeup touches and a je ne sai quoi you cant put your finger on but recognize as distinctively Japanese.

In terms of technical prowess I feel London takes top spot.  London is after all the breeding ground of Vidal Sassoon who’s techniques for years have been the standard.

As for trends in hair, I can’t really say that I subscribe to them. As a hair professional you always want to be continually creative and innovative, push boundaries as opposed to conforming to a specific fashion trend. – I’v taken clients into trendy directions but apply my own spin on it that corresponds with who they are. I believe in giving people what suits them, not necessarily what the trend du jour is.

Moving forward in this industry I would love to see a more diverse hair education . I feel the industry needs to evolve and have more extensive education about varied hair types. Too often one must go to an ethnically specific hair salon to get a hair service or product if they have curly hair, which is actually the majority of the population. In an ethnically diverse world where cities are bigger melting pots and tapestries, it’s important to be able to cater to a varied demographic to remain “relevant”.

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