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Good hair practice ~ for parents and children

Meet Ebony,

Ebony is the mother of two daughters with curly textured hair. A recent discussion revealed some useful tips about children and hair care.

Q: Hey Ebony, I hear you had a big hair weekend – or was it just a day. One might think having two daughter with textured hair could warrant a full hair weekend? How do you keep up with the hair do’s?

A: My secrets!!! Well, my main ingredient in a “hair weekend” is little to no tears aka BAWLIN'(!) balanced against getting it done as quickly as possible. The end goal is a hair style that lasts six to eight weeks, completion time-1hr minimum, 3hrs MAXIMUM and is relatively easy to take down(1/2 hour 40 min’s max ). Hair weekend is usually broken up into cycles…. Step1> wash/condition and into protective style of 6-8’er so chunky braids. A week later step 2> Take down chunky braids. Hair is dry, stretched and easy to manage. Step 3> Style in braids, twists or cornrows.

After six weeks time the old style is taken-down and they rock a ‘braid-out’ a few days, then tie it back and prepare for a loose hair wash/condition. While hair is loose it’s a good time for kids to experiment with their own abilities, maybe as simple as fro puffs of their own making. Anytime I’ve tried to do too much at once we all loose, breaking it up keeps everybody chill.


In summary a combination of low maintenance and protective styling is the best approach. Start with a low maintenance style that lasts three to seven days before tackling the final style. Give your kids a chance to experiment with their hair and style. Save tears and time with this thoughtful approach.