Seasonal Haircare – Your End of Summer Hair Repair Should Start Now

We’ve all been there: In the heat of summer, moisture rich curls, a bucket hat and by now a layer of sunscreen protection. But by the season’s end, you’ve thrown caution to the wind. As the sun’s rays cascade down upon us, we are reminded of the need to protect our hair and skin from the harsh effects of UV radiation.

Your end-of-summer hair requires an entire repair routine.

That’s because the strength of the sun, salt from the sea, and chemicals from pool water can leave scalps scorched, turn strands into straw, and cause colour to shift and fade. Hairstylist from every background say that all the fun elements of the season aren’t so pleasant for your hair. “Your part and hair can dry out from heat, giving you a flaky scalp and split ends,”. “Meanwhile, colour treated hair fades or turns brassy and chlorine will inevitably make blondes go green.” So the moment the temperatures start to drop, it’s time to hightail it to your salon or begin the at-home rehabilitation process. Luckily, the damage incurred is likely not permanent.

Nurse your scalp, colour, and strands back to health after a summer well-spent. 

Richen up hair colour with lowlights, glosses and deep conditioning treatments. A tint-back colour service, closer to your natural level, will restore hair and colour to its original condition. If you’re unable to schedule a colour service in salon, consider a colour foam application to fresh-up and extend the life of colour treated hair.

One of the best rehab hacks for a scalp that’s been exposed to the summer elements is to coat it with vitamin E and sleep in it while covered in a head scarf or satin bonnet. A sunburned scalp needs to be soothed ASAP. Aloe vera will help alleviate discomfort from sunburn and is easier to apply when hair is damp.

..adopting a proactive approach to hair repair

It’s essential to recognize the toll that sun, salt and chlorine can take on our hair and scalp. By adopting a proactive approach to hair repair, including revitalizing treatments and colour enhancements, we can undo the damage caused by the season’s elements. Embracing these rejuvenating practices ensures that our hair remains vibrant, resilient, and ready to shine long after summer fades away. Whether you choose a salon visit or an at-home regimen, remember that a little care now can lead to beautifully revived hair in the days ahead.