A Dry Shampoo & Haircare Products for Curls – Made in Canada

For curls that face the element of extreme; cold, dryness, heat, humidity and the ever changing seasons of the Pacific North West.

a cream, a foam and a gel

Our mission for curls is simple. Use plant-based ingredients to benefit curls prone to dryness, breakage and frizz. Our leave-in treatment products work to protect curls, keep them fresh and keep them styled between wash days and salon visits. Reduce type four curl tendencies with low manipulation styles, moisture and pH balance product; avoiding tangles, breakage and shrinkage with our foam cleanser, cream moisturizer and gel treatment.

A tropical experience made in Canada

Our formula was designed assuming that tropical conditions produce your best curls, where moisture and heat are consistent environmental conditions. When weather conditions are ever changing, our formula works to regulate the condition of your curl.

Before use

For best results use a clarifying shampoo, make sure the hair is clean and fresh before you start your hair routine with us. When using Sheena’s Hair Care products we recommend a layering approach, to build the treatment and moisture potential into your style.

Keep it simple

We use everyday haircare product and methods that require access to the scalp and hair. A dry-treat and dry-style approach enhance the quality and freshness of fine curly hair improving the condition of your type4 curls over time. You need a high quality blow-dryer, a heat protector and non-porous hair accessories for up-do styles. We use the occasional chunky; braid-set and twist-set, like one uses a roller-set, to change-up our curl patter for styling.

No Mystery

Our pH balanced formulas work together or separate to Hydrate, Nourish and Strengthen fine curly hair. They combine in a verity of ways depending on your hair need, to produce consistent and predictable results. Experience the difference our products make when combined with Sheena’s select curl essential tools