Sheena's Hair Care Customer with frizzy hair Review After Use

Drive: “Kitchen chemist” to Manufacturing & Distribution

From our kitchen to salon and beauty supply stores. Why we moved across the country from Canada’s west coast to Great Lakes? Our first purchase order in 2017 🙂

Trials and tribulations bring us to this moment. A slow and steady road from our home to curly beauties across the country. We still have a ways to go. We honour our grass roots approach owe our success to it! From our Commercial Drive community to Downtown Toronto and the GTA we strive to bring the best out of curls with our products.

Get to know Sheena’s product and brand

Ingredients you know and love!

Beauty rituals from time for the nature of hair that kink, coil and curl.

Product and methods that work to guarantee results! From foundation, rooted in routine not trend, Sheena’s Hair Care is a four season formula made in Canada for curls.

Finally a complete haircare system for curls prone to dryness, breakage and tangle-frizz. Curls benefit from the leave-in treatment properties of a cleanser, a condition and a protein treatment.

Our brand is confident in curls! We strive to meet salon standards of quality and efficacy so you can accomplish your best hair at home and in salon, with ease. We guarantee your satisfaction with every purchase from our online store.

A blast from the past

…don’t forget your humble beginnings

Where we came from and where we see ourselves going

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Salon Trends & Product Reviews

  • Sheena’s Nourish plays well with other brands and styling products
  • Light weight and effective as a base product.
  • A Staple Product for curly haircare

(above) Krystyne moves away from wigs and weaves to embrace her natural texture. “I use Sheena’s Nourish daily”.

Instant results!

After washing & clarifying we could see instant results with a generous portion of Nourish. We finished with a gel for maximum hold and style longevity. The leave-in treatment benefits of Nourish under your styling product improves hair condition over time. As the condition of your hair improves you require less product, retain length and moisture levels in the hair.

Before and After product review


Before and After Product review


“I never knew these results were possible. After many years of chemicals and heat damage I finally have “good hair”. I know how to accomplish these results. Nourish is the reason my hair is thriving today”

Get these results!

Consult a professional

CurlBar Salon: 41 Jarvis St – Toronto, Ontario

Capri Salon: 4801 Steels Ave West. Unit 17 – North York, Ontario

Our Hair Crush: Blogger &  Influencer, OhGinelle

Nunu’s Salon: 1855 Commercial Drive – Vancouver BC

Sheena's Hair Care Customer at salon Before Use


Sheena's Hair Care Customer at salon After Use


On dirty hair, we use Hydrate then Nourish applied directly to dry hair.

Results are instant! Sheena is well informed and offered simple remedy for my hair condition; dry scalp, dry hair, frizz and trouble defining my curl.

Curls For Less: “The last time I got results like this I paid a fortune”.

Sheena’s Hair Care is my solution to maintenance and everyday fabulous hair

Sheena's Hair Care Customer Review After Use
Sheena's Hair Care Customer with frizzy hair

To Style: After cleansing I apply Nourish to damp hair. I use a defuser to dry. The quality of my curls have improved. These are my results every time. Simple and predictable, LOVE IT!

I like my big, puffy hair but dryness and frizz are not my style!

I work a small portion (one pump) of Sheena’s Nourish into my fine, frizz prone hair after washing and while my hair is still a bit damp. I use Sheena’s Hydrate directly at my scalp to refresh and mildly cleanse between washes. Frizz and dryness are no more.

Salon Release Event for Curls

“Low maintenance, protective styles are great for managing their hair, tangles and time.

Low maintenance styling last 5-14 days. Regular maintenance, with protective styling saves tears and tangles.

It teaches my little ones to get into a haircare routine of their own”.

Sheena’s Hair Care products work exceptionally well between wash days and keep the hair moisturized.

Sheena's Hair Care Customer in Vancouver Salon