Curl Essential: Haircare – Product & Tools

We’ve found these essential tools that make curly hair easier and more manageable. Type four textured curls are flexible and respond to regular use of these select tools, naturally improving the condition of curly textured hair over time. Retain length, moisture and curl definition, keeping a hair routine that maintains the integrity of your curl within two shades of colour and one texture of your hair’s natural growth pattern is key.

Curl Essentials Tools

We recommend the cylinder Nylon Sleeping Cap for nightly use. It’s what keeping hair stretched and tangle free is made of. If you could benefit from a moisture infused steam treatments, try the Terry Towel Steam Wrap for a fast and effective boost.
Curly Cue:
After you apply Sheena’s Nourish Leave-in Conditioner the Terry Towel Steam Wrap helps move nourishing ingredients deeper, penetrating the cuticle of your curls.
Lastly, the sleek six ounce Fine Mist Sprayer is a natural moisture balancing treat for curls. Designed to reduce over-saturation with every fine mist spray released.