Sheena's Hydrate

Sheena’s Hair Care Products | Nurture Through Nature

Simple ingredients to cleanse, moisturize and strengthen fine curly hair. Hair care is simple for us. We use ingredients from nature and plants you know and love.


Uses Six Ingredients

Ingredients for sensitive skin like coconut oil and saponaria, leaf extracts to gently cleans and soften the hair. These ingredients work together to produce a surfactant foam cleansing agent, that leaves hair fresh between wash days.


Deposit Plant fibers

Use plant fibers from Aloe, silk protein and B5 vitamins to build back the strands of medium to high porosity hair. Strengthen completes the line and works especially well after cleansing the hair with Hydrate for a smooth, shiny finish.


Go-To Leave-in Conditioner

Treatment and style curly hair without the weight or waxy build-up. It is the answer to every day curly hair care and style, featuring natures best ingredients for a healthy hair diet. You can make this product at home but we saved you time and did it for you.