Sheena’s Hydrate Leave-in Cleanser – Made for Curls

Sheena’s Hydrate Leave-in Cleanser is your solution to a refreshing clean for curls between wash days. Keep hair fresher longer with our light weight foam cleanser while removing build up from pomade, oil and environmental debris.

For A Quick Clean

If you need more clean in less time, apply Sheena’s Hydrate – Foam Cleanser to hair while dry. Apply on day three and day five of an old wash & go to gently detangle and refresh your hair without busting-up your style. Extend the life of your hair and style with Sheena’s leave-in, cleanser for a dry clean, that boosts hydration and makes curls soft to the touch.

Don’t miss the drop

As a small batch production company our supplies are limited so purchase Sheena’s Hydrate today. Hydrate is back in stock and ships in three to five business days

Sheena’s Hydrate – Leave-in Cleanser

Hydrate just dropped and it ships to most places in Canada and North America in three to five business days!

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