Sheena’s Info Book

Salons and stylist interested in using our products may download this document and leave contact info to learn more about our distribution options.

Sheena’s Haircare products and methods are outlined here to promote to and educate our users. Sheena’s Hydrate, Nourish and Strengthen formulas have been used by professionals in salon and at home for over a decade to accomplish predictable style and manage kinky and curly hair textures.


Sheena’s adopts common methods of styling and hair care to accomplish successful and predictable results

Sheena’s Hair Care Tools & METHODS. We use the common Twist-Out and/or Braid-Out to set the hair much like one uses a roller set or curling rods to set the hair into a style.

Finally a dry-shampoo for kinky and curly hair to refresh and preserve your hairstyle between washes.

Sheena’s HYDRATE

  1. Cleanse and refresh your hair between washes with Hydrate
  2. A foam based cleanser robes build-up from edge creams, oils and pomades.
  3. Seponaria flower reduces shrinkage and moisturizes the hair and scalp beautifully.

Sheena’s NOURISH

After washing your hair:

  1. Apply your favourite oil serum or heat protection.
  2. Use a blow dryer with the tension method at medium heat. Leave 20% of the moisture in hair.
  3. Apply a portion of Sheena’s Nourish to a section, roots to ends and set hair.
  4. Allow hair to air dry and undo set.

Sheena’s Nourish leave-in conditioner is used regularly in salon fro Wash & Go styling. Nourish is used in salon with other gel products specific for curly hair styling.

A mild silk protein treatment that feels like a gel !


  1. Treatment to strengthen and fortify your stands when needed.
  2. Apply mid-shaft to ends. Build and mend your most vulnerable strands.
  3. Our plant based treatment gel deposits tiny plant particles and silk protein fibres to fill cracks and porosity salon the shaft.
We do not recommend Strengthen for hair colours lighter than a level five.