Sheena's Strengthen Protein Gel

Strengthen: Gel Protein Treatment (Ingredients)

How it works

  • Mend and Rebuild with this light coconut & silk protein treatment.
  • Strengthen after style and prolonged texture bending.
  • This treatment will help you revert after heat styling.
  • A protein treatment that works like a gel, for treating and styling your hair.

How to use

  • Apply directly to dry hair or use as spot treatment when needed.
  • Saturate the hair from mid shaft to the ends. Finish with Sheena’s Nourish or your favourite light weight oil to soften the hold.
  • Air dry, or blow dry using the tension method with medium heat and medium air flow.


Key Ingredients

Natural and Organic Ingredients: Agave Nectar, Root extract, Coconut essentials, Silk amino acid, Vitamin E oil. The formula uses plant-fibres to fill in cracks and porosity along the shaft of your hair. This treatment adds a barrier of moisture and strength.

Use this light protein treatment to mend, rebuild and regulate moisture absorption in the hair. Watch our quick YouTube video for a quick Strengthen demonstration.