New Growth Different Texture

New Growth: Style and Texture

What we love about styling protective is that we stay close to our roots, literally. Meaning, the style we choose is not far from our natural texture. Your curly style has limitations and naturally fluctuates depending on environmental conditions. We advocate for the intrinsic nature of curls and speak to styles that support and transition well, without the use of wigs, weaves or extensions.


The colour and texture of new growth may vary. For curls, new growth can look and feel different, up to a texture coarser and a shade or two darker. Transitioning between textures is something of an art and science.

New Growth

If you’re anything like us your hair goal is to retain length, maximize moisture and curl definition. Styling new growth comes down to three things.

  • Keep new growth stretched to simulate the older texture
  • Manage new growth moisture levels to control shrinkage
  • Avoid, ‘hygral fatigue’, Leaving your hair wet for a long time


H2O-braids is a recommended style to simultaneously stretch and moisturize your curl. Consider a braid at the root through the length of new growth and twist from the line of demarkation to the ends. H2O-braids transition well into a fresh H2O Braid-out, naturally!

Up-Do Make the super chic updo your go-to for simple, effortless and elegant styling. We recommend using hair pins with a smooth cellulose material that wont grab and break your hair. The flexibility of this hair pin manoeuvres in place to secure and hold your up-do.

Hot Tools

Quality product and tools pay dividends, preserving the integrity of your hair overtime. We like the Dyson Blow-dryer and Maxius hair steam iron for that concentrated dose of heat, when new growth is four inches or more. This may occur once or twice a year depending on your growth rate. Heat from a blow-dryer and or a flat iron will give new growth that needed boost to soften that texture to the line of demarkation.