H2O-Braid Styling Protective – Type Four Curly Haircare

It’s simple! Your hair and style are never far from protective: low traction styles, daily access to the scalp and hair, maximum moisture and a maximum ten day wear.

Our favourite style that is protective


Make the super chic up-do your go-to for simple, effortless and elegant styling. We recommend using hair pins with a smooth, flexible material that wont grab and break your hair. These pins can be worn under your sun hat and over-night to flat pin long hair, keeping it smooth and secure. In ten minutes or less this hairstyle and accessory is low cost, durable and offers style that works day or night.


A refreshing way to style and protect your hair, reduce tension and maximize moisture. When braiding, Avoid adding heavy extension hair, use thicker braids and or twists, dip in H2O often – wetting the scalp and hair to maximize moisture.  Consider a light blow-out before installation to retain length and fullness. Master the beauty and nature of your curls one step at a time.

Our Style Philosophy

Refresh. Style. Repeat. Get more wear out of your curly hair and style!
H2O-Braids keep the scalp and hair fresh, while offering a needed break from my hair. Also, they transition well into my next curly style.

For curls that by nature don’t play by gravity’s rules and curls that wave when you walk – How nice!

Built-in to Sheena’s Hair Care is product and method for protective styling with emphasis on extending the life and style of fine curly hair between wash days. We use the occasional braid-set and twist-set, like one uses a roller-set, to change-up our curl patter for styling; A protective style however is never kept-in longer than fourteen days. Sheena’s product and methods are made simple for moisture loving,”cottony-curls”!