Protective styling for curly hair

Summer: Protective Style

A popular conversation in our Natural Hair Love community chat revolves around protective styling. The consensus is this: A protective style is low traction, easy access and low manipulation. Otherwise it’s just style friends!

Is it style or protective?

We are fans of both styling and protective styling for curls! We explore the difference here and generally recommend a well balanced approach. Our approach to styling for fashion is never far from protective. Low traction styling, maximum moisture and regular access to the scalp and hair is key. Use fashion accessories to elevate your look and stay true to your roots, literally. A generous portion of Sheena’s Nourish leave-in conditioner will protect your curls and keep them popping.

Summer protective

While summer heat is a source of joy and activated melanin for many of us, If you’re going pool side in the sun, protect your curls with a great looking hat.
Sun Bathing
Looking out for protective styling

Is a hat a protective style?

Without a doubt, our favourite low manipulation protective style is a hat. It’s our go-to look for any season and a solution to protecting curly hair from extreme environmental conditions.