Swimming with Curls: Your winter curl tip for the season

When the weather outside is frightful, it’s time for cozy comfortable indoor activities. Treat yourself to a hot tub after a few laps in the pool, then step into a dry sauna to calm and sooth the nerves. Before your curls soak it all in, consider this one helpful tip. High porosity hair is like a sponge, wetting it down with fresh water before dipping in the pool will reduce the amount of pool water that dips into your hair.

A quick rinse with conditioner to restores moisture and freshness until wash day. Allow hair to dry up to fifty percent then apply Sheena’s Nourish leave-in conditioner. Use a quality blow dryer to gently stretch and dry the hair from root to ends to finish.

Ready to style? Apply Sheena’s Hydrate to hair while dry for a gentle clean between wash days. Finish with Sheena’s Strengthen Gel to pop and style your curls. These tips will keep your hairstyle fresh until you’re ready for that scheduled salon visit or that traditional shampoo and condition wash days.