The Properties of a Shampoo, a Conditioner and a Treatment – Type4 Curly Haircare

When wearing your hair wet is not ideal or takes to long to dry it’s time to consider a new way of style and care for type4 curly hair. We understand the unique needs of curly hair. Our complete haircare system prioritizes nourishment and care using plant-based ingredients to achieve healthy looking hair without sacrificing style.

Our leave-in formulas feature the benefits of traditional plant extracts, natural oils, and humectants, adding layers of moisture and protection to preserve your hair and style between washes, while improving the condition of hair over time.

Before use

For best results use a clarifying shampoo, make sure hair is clean and fresh before starting your hair routine with us. When using Sheena’s Hair Care products we recommend a layered approach, for best results apply our foam, gel and cream to hair while dry. Build the treatment and style potential; filling cracks and porosity along the shaft of delicate strands.

Keep it simple

We use everyday haircare product and methods that require easy access to the scalp and hair. A dry-treat-clean and style approach enhance the quality and freshness of fine curly hair, improving the condition of curls over time. We use the occasional chunky; braid-set and twist-set, like one uses a roller-set, to change-up our curl patter for styling. Use a high quality blow-dry and heat protector for low-tension, lightly-stretched curls and try the recommended non-porous hair accessories for up-do styles.

No Mystery

Our pH balanced formula work together or separate to Hydrate, Nourish and Strengthen fine curly hair. They combine in a variety of ways, depending on your curly hair need, to produce consistent and predictable results. Experience the difference our products make when combined with Sheena’s select curl essential tools, like the Nylon Sleeping Cap. Get longer, more wearable curls out of each and every day!

Get started with Sheena’s Hair Care feature product and tool!

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