Three Common Use-Case Scenarios for Sheena’s Hair Care

Scenario 1 Your hair is freshly blown-out and it looks great for five days. You know what’s coming, it’s just a matter of time before your hair starts to revert back to its natural curl state.

Scenario 2 You’re fresh out the salon, rocking a Wash and Go +treatment. You sat under a hood dryer for 30 minutes, with a deep moisture mask. You rinsed then applied leave-in conditioner and gel; diffused, dried! It’s the best wash and go ever for three days, then the question, how do I fresh-up this style and get more life out these curls, without starting all over?

Scenario 3 You just shampooed and condition washed your hair. You’ve taken all the right steps; worked in sections, gently massaged the scalp and rinsed the shampoo, without roughing the hair.  You applied conditioner, detangle each section and set your hair into manageable twists, for styling later.

Managing my curly expectations

Each of these scenarios presents the same moment of wonder. In each case we are working with freshly washed hair or hair that we are transitioning, from one style to another. Sheena’s Hair Care was made for those who wonder and look for a natural solution to manage their everyday hair.

So, what next?

If you’re like me, not “everyday hair” is perfect and sometimes the ‘in-between’ looks like 6am puffy-face-and-eyes, getting ready for a 9am meeting downtown, or a five day work week.

Transitioning from style to style means managing my curly expectations and shrinkage. So, sometimes, when i don’t have time to set my hair in that perfect “blow-out-transition-wash-and-go-dry-style”; Im rocking that shrunken “day-two-wash-day-section-twist-out” – Using Nourish on clean hair to moisturize, then Hydrate on dry hair to soften and detangle stiff, tight curls.

In every scenario, Sheena’s Hair Care products give a fresh and polished look back to my curly style making every day hair a breeze.