Chemically Treated Hair

Plant-Based Haircare Products

Treat damaged hair conditions

Our approach to hair is care first! That’s why our first five ingredients are better than the competition. Curls, experience the leave-in treatment benefit of a shampoo, a conditioner and a protein treatment. Improve the condition of dryness and frizz even combat damaged from heat, over styling and chemically treated hair.

Our Feature Ingredients

  • H2O
  • Aloe
  • Coconut extract
  • Saponaria Flower Extract
  • Silk Protein

Our first five ingredients are better than the competition! In addition to quality ingredients we utilize haircare tools and methods so you can focus on getting predictable results. No magic! No mystery!


Made with intelligence

The properties of a traditional cleanser, conditioner and treatment made for styling and caring for your curls in one. The leave-in benefit of our plant-based haircare product makes styling and caring for curls easy at home between washes and salon visits. We recommend low traction styling with regular H2O access to the scalp and hair. These methods are essential to curly haircare and a first defence against dryness, breakage and tangle-frizz. We have very curly hair! These are the products and methods we use. Our quality ingredients and “small batch” production keep things fresh.