Wash & Go: Deep Moisture and Hydration, a Treatment for Curls this Season

While many of us think transitioning routines are just for skincare we tend to overlook the fact that our hair needs love too. When it comes to transitioning my curls into spring i start with a Wash & Go treatment and style. Schedule one with your curly salon professional today.

In a four-season climate i believe the traditional Wash & Go is your best kept secret to styling curly hair this spring as you transition into warmer and drier weather.

To extend the life and style of my curls I alternating use between these popular hair tools – the Fine Mist Sprayer, Terry Towel Steam Wrap and the Cylindrical Nylon Sleeping Cap. Curl Cue’ Employ quality hot tools like the Dyson hair dryer to reduce the affects of ‘hydral fatigue’ that can happen when your hair stays wet for a long time.

Tools and methods we recommend you implement daily

Sheena’s products are designed to treat and style fine curly hair. Apply Sheena’s Hair Care products to hair while dry, using our portion controlled dispenser tops, for a clean and accurate dose. Our products are unique, original and they work for curls prone to dryness, breakage and frizz.

layer in moisture rich and nourishing ingredients like aloe, vitamin E, silk protein B5 vitamin and root extracts to strengthen and moisturize hair with ‘type four’ curl tendencies. Protect curls against the affects of aging and environmental damage, apply Sheena’s Hair Care products to hair that is dry to enhance the treatment potential of our product.

a cream a foam and a gel.. oh my!