Wash & Go: Deep Moisture and Hydration, a Treatment for Curls this Season

While many of us think transitioning routines are just for skincare we tend to overlook the fact that our hair needs love too. When it comes to preparing my curls for spring, summer, fall and winter I treat myself to a Wash&Go style for that boost of hydration my hair desperately needs.

When curl-dryness produce desert like conditions for your hair, moisture is the solution to loving strands back to life and luster. Scheduling seasonal salon visits for moisture rich styling and treatment will keep this naturally occurring drought from taking hold of your curls.

At Home Haircare

A twist following each moisture rich treatment session. Sheena’s Hair Care Method suggest following up with an oil treatment, after deep conditioning, apply shea butter to freshly moisturized curls. Allow your curls to air-dry fifty percent before adding your thick oil of choice then apply a heat protector. Use a quality blow-dryer at low heat and medium air-flow to warm the oil and gently dry the hair.

Consider Sheena's Hair Care Methods for your home haircare routine

a cream a foam and a gel.. oh my!

Our products are designed to treat and style fine curly hair. Apply Sheena’s Hair Care products to hair while dry. Our portion controlled dispenser tops produce a clean and accurate dose of product. Our products are unique, original and they work for curls prone to dryness, breakage and frizz.

It’s curl season! Every spring and summer we give away salon gift cards to ensure you are scheduling hydration. Join our Natural Hair Love mailing list for updates.