Why Natural? Wigs vs Natural Curls

Choosing your natural curls over wigs, weaves and extensions comes with knowledge and experience. Length retention, moisture and curl definition are likely your curly hair goals; when accomplished a marker to your curly hair success. Curly and wavy hair are the most common hair textures in the world, with the most dynamic texture being type four curls.

Know Your Curl

To check if your curl is fine, roll a strand between your finger. Can you feel it? Maybe slightly, fine curls are barely felt when rolled between the fingers. These fine strands tend to gather into “curl clusters” and are stronger in numbers. We encourage this curl tendency by using product and methods charged with keeping hair defined, moisturized and tangle-free. The use of wigs, weaves and extensions makes knowing your hair difficult.

Growth Rate

Type four curls grow as fast as any hair does. The diversity of texture on one curly head can vary the most and the correlation between hair type and hair growth can produce uneven layers. To manage this tendency, when cutting and stying, majority wins.

With some consistency and the help of quality product, tools and methods we are confident in styling and caring for the nature of type four curly curls.

Sheena’s: Leave-in Cleanser, Leave-in Conditioner & Protein Gel for Curls

With regular use of oil, cream, serum and gel, a layered approach is key. Building up your curls with pH balanced and botanical ingredients that boost moisture, curl definition improve the condition of your curls over time. The use of curl essential tools like the Nylon Sleeping Cap, Terry Towel Steam Wrap and the Fine Mist Sprayer further enhance the life and quality of type four curly hair and style.